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 After a thief steals the French Crown Jewels, three young women and a transgender spy compete against one of London's most ruthless gangs led by a diabolical Con-Woman in a breathtaking race to secure one of histories most valuable diamonds before the thief unloads it on the British Black Market. 



Tim Keenan went to war an innocent  boy and came home a damaged man. At the age of 62 years old he realized he'd been running from his demons his entire life and decided to do something he'd never done: stop running from his fears and face them.  After a lifetime of fearing the woods because of the memories of the jungles of Vietnam, Tim Keenan hiked the Appalachian Trail. Based on the book of the same title, The Good Hike is the cinematic retelling of that haunting, healing story.

Yoani Sanchez has spent her life risking it to tell the truth of what life is really like in Cuba... for its citizens not its tourists.  "Yoani" based on Yoani Sanchez' actual blogs,  tells the story of her daily life struggling to communicate with the outside world in a country where her government still deems internet illegal and accessing it a crime worthy of a prison sentence and possibly death. 
"The Night My Mother Killed My Father" is an American adapation of the Spanish comedy  of the same name,  about a struggling actress and the depths she will go to to prove the range of her talent.  It's a madcap comedy with heart and pushes the limits of each character forcing them to decide how far they're willing to go for what they love. 
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