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It's 1921 and MABEL WALKER WILLEBRANDT, the first woman public

defender in Los Angeles, a champion for women's rights and a Protestant with a sex addiction, gets promoted to U.S. Assistant Attorney General.  Ostensibly, she's supposed  to enforce the Volstead Act, a law no one in the country intends to obey or enforce including her own boss. Drunk with ambition, she decides to defy her boss’ instruction to ignore the Volstead Act and uses her new found power to seduce young informants and take down other women - BOOTLEGGING CRIMINALS we will spend time with and come to know and love. In vying to become the first female Attorney General, she betrays every moral dignity, breaks her own laws and exploits her religious affiliations until another woman, PAULINE SABIN leads the charge for repeal. Mabel, having bet her entire career on enforcing prohibition and with repeal on the horizon, is passed over for Attorney General and resigns her position as AAG.  After betraying everything she believed in, taking down other women for her own gain, she leaves Washington with nothing but the Protestant gold cross hanging around her neck that she arrived with. 

(inspired by the book written by Fred Minnick)

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