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TELEVISION - Episode Format

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In this video I talk about how to structure the story of a television episode regardless of the FORMAT you’re writing in. You will hear a lot of talk about three act structure vs five act structure —- this is a conversation about FORMAT. That is not what this video is about though I mention it. This video is about constructing a storyline for each episode of your show.

Every single television episode is about solving a problem. That’s what television is: watching characters we love (or love to hate) solving problems.

Regardless of whether you are formatting your script into three acts or five acts, the STORY STRUCTURE should still be divided into five parts:

Act one (first “fifth” of your story): Tell us what the problem is.

Act two (second “fifth” of your story): find a way to solve the problem

Act three (third “fifth” of your story): That solution didn’t work, it only made the problem worse.

Act four(fourth “fifth” of your story): Truly solve the problem

Act five (wrap up): wrap up the episode ending on the solved problem/happy characters or lead us into the next episode’s problem....

As always, put any questions in the chat or you can always dm. I am sorry that I just ruined all of television for you forever because now you will only be looking for this paradigm.

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