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StudioBinder  is an amazing website with so many different tools for every aspect of screenwriting and production.  I highly recommend checking out their website, IG and definitely following them on youtube.   Some of my favorite tools of theirs:

- extensive screenplay downloads!  Hundreds of PDFs of the best scripts for you to read.   Reading screenplays is not only fun, it's one of the BEST ways to familiarize yourself with the format if you're new to screenwriting.  It's also a great resource for actors looking to work on mock auditions! 

- Production templates. While this doesn't fall under screenwriting, it's still an amazing resource to know about, and it's a good idea as a writer to be familiar with all aspects of film and television production...


- Youtube videos!  No, but I mean amazing youtube videos that showcase so many cool things, from the color palettes of your favorite directors to tutorials on how to write a logline.  I am attaching my favorite vidoe of theirs about creating dynamic characters. Plus,  when you watch their video, they let you download a character dynamic WORKSHEET...  for free! 

I used this worksheet when developing the three female leads in the last spec pilot I wrote: "Whiskey Women".   The show is told from each of their points of view and so each woman had to have a very specific voice and goals so we could follow the story clearly.  This worksheet helped me define them! 

Watch the youtube video, then find the link to the free worksheet in the comments

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