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Is this a good idea? Wrong question

Beginning a new project is the best way to start a new year! I have the idea. I know it’s a screenplay. An adaptation of a novel, which is my favorite thing to write. In the beginning, I read through the book, make notes of story points according to the monomyth, where these story points might fit inside of it, noting pages where descriptions of locations will help me with stage directions, insights into characters etc.  

As I was making notes, one question occurred to me that stopped me in my tracks. “Is this a good idea?” Am I seeing this book all wrong? Maybe I’m wasting my time because what I see, isn’t actually there. Maybe this is a bad idea. 

“Is this is a good idea” is the wrong question to ask. 

That question floods your mind with doubt, imposter syndrome and writer’s block. Get rid of that question. Don’t ever ask yourself “is this a good idea?” Ask yourself this instead: 

“Is this an idea that motivates me… enough to work day and night towards turning it into a good story? "

What we are building together at writingXstructure is not the tools to write a screenplay… we are building the skills needed to master how to tell a story. Then, any idea can be a good one if you know the right way to tell its story… and if you’re willing to put in the hard work of constructing it.

Let me know if anyone wants to talk more about adaptations!

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